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Vitual Online Bike Fitting Service

Virtual Online Bike Fitting

We are ready to launch our online bike fitting services and are excited to continue to offer our expertise to help you maximise your cycling potential, reduce injury risk and improve performance remotely.

Ever wondered why riding on the turbo trainer is more uncomfortable than outdoors or why you get an ache or pain after a certain amount of time riding? Have you noticed that you don’t quite feel the same when you switch back to your best bike after being on your winter bike for the past few months or that you are struggling to improve your power numbers despite some solid training?

As many of us continue to ride outdoors or get set up with Zwift or similar on the turbo at home we are here to help with any questions or issues you have that may be related to your bike position.

Why Physiohaus?

Our bike fitters are regarded as some of the most experienced in the world and have worked with the worlds best professional cycling teams and triathletes. As physiotherapists we are able to understand your physical conditioning in detail and make informed decisions about how to get the most out of your body.

We utilise world leading cycling analysis technology to accurately assess your position and cycling technique.

Our Approach

The overall process mirrors exactly our approach in clinic. A full bike fit will take up to 2.5 hours with follow up sessions and additional bike fits taking up to 1.5 hours. When the clinician receives your booking confirmation they will forward a link for you to join a video meeting at the relevant time. In order to get the most from the session you will need the following:

Bike set up in turbo trainer
A good wifi connection
A laptop or tablet for video calling
A smart phone with video capability and Whatsapp
Space to take a video of you on your bike on turbo trainer and turn your bike around for other views
Someone to help you take video if possible and/or a tripod or stand to set up your phone
Tape measure, a spirit level device of some kind (phone app is ok for this), a 1m straight edge or long level (length of wood will do)

We start with an interview in order to understand you aims, goals and get some information on your background and injury history.

Secondly we carry out a physical evaluation so that we know as much as we can about your body before analysing your movement on the bike. We test your flexibility, stability and strength by guiding you through a series of simple tests. This information can be used as a baseline and we can re-test during any follow up sessions to measure your progress if we identify any areas of opportunity for improvement in your training away from the bike.

The valuable information from the interview and physical evaluation is used during the session to help us in the decision making process around how we optimise your position and chose the right equipment for you.

Next we will instruct you on how to measure your current bike set up before getting you to start riding, initial bike measurements allow us to understand how much change we have made once we have reached the final position and gives you the piece of mind that we can always return to the start position if required.

We will then begin to analyse your position and technique, including shoe and cleat set up, saddle selection, knee tracking and pelvic mechanics, using Dartfish video analysis. We will instruct you on how to set up your smart phone to take a number of video clips from different positions before sending them over to us for analysis using Dartfish Video Analysis software.

Once we have collated the data and information we will share and explain our findings to you before advising on and guiding you through making any changes and interventions that are necessary.

We will repeat this analysis process until we have your position dialled in before helping you to measure the bike again. The information will be documented to create an individual report which will be sent to you after the session by email alongside any advice on training or exercises.

We offer a menu of bike fitting services depending on your requirements.


Online Virtual Bike Fit


Optimise your cycling position on your current bike. For Road, TT/Triathlon, Cyclo-cross or MTB


  • Dartfish video motion analysis
  • Up to 2.5 hours




Online Virtual Bike Fit Follow-up/Additional Bike


For those who have already had a bike fit with us who are looking to make further changes or checking up on their position and physical conditioning periodically or in preparation for an event. For Road, TT/Triathlon, Cyclo-cross or MTB.


  • Dartfish video motion analysis
  • Up to 1.5 hours



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