"I want to say a big thank you to Bronwyn for getting me back on my feet and keeping me going by regular video consultation through the lockdown period. The video consultation proved to be an excellent way to discuss the problems, receive advice and appropriate exercises. At each session we’ve discussed progress and reviewed my exercises. I even get to do some of the exercises in front of the camera. I have gone from managing to cycle 3 miles before pain kicked in to cycling 40 miles comfortably in a day. Had it not been for the opportunity to speak to Bronwyn and get advice by video consultation I’m not sure what state I would be in now."

Mima - Newcastle upon Tyne

"I just wanted to drop you an email to say thanks for all your help last year. 

I don't think I realised when I last saw you that I might not need to come back in - I've still had some ups and downs but nothing major (I think I know the difference now) and I'm pretty happy managing things on my own now. My cricket ball is my best friend!

As much as I'd rather not gone a bit wonky last year, I've learnt so much and a lot of that was from your end, so thank you very, very much. Its almost a blessing that I had a bit of an issue. Its also great to know I have a good physio local to go to if anything happens in the future. 

I've started a strength and training programme aimed at mountain bikers and its building on the strength work you got me doing (alot of bum, hip and back work, ouch!)"

Lucy - Newcastle upon Tyne

"I just wanted to let you know that the core exercises have worked a treat, along with the bike fit. 

No pain anymore and never been riding as strong or as fast.   I feel I'm going into the Fred Whitton in my best form. Many thanks."

Stephen - Newcastle upon Tyne

"I can’t recommend John, Fiona and the team at Physiohaüs enough. I have managed to break myself with various injuries from endurance sport. Each time I have a thorough assessment with confident diagnosis of the problem, followed by a structured rehabilitation programme and overall come out the other end stronger whilst still maintaining fitness throughout."

Dr. Lisa Baker - Gosforth

"I fractured my tibia plateau in April 2018 skiing in St Anton, grade 5 fracture so I did a good job, after surgery and then 3 months non weight bearing moving to partial weight bearing, I was struggling to imagine that I would ever be able to walk/ run or cycle or actually do anything 'normally' again. I was having NHS physio but didn't feel I was progressing as fast as I would like or that I would ever progress not because they weren't good at what they do, they don't have the time and as it turned out such detailed knowledge and experience that Fiona had with my condition.I booked an appointment with Fiona at Physiohaus, the best decision I could have ever taken not just physically but psychologically too. 

At my first visit she explained what had happened and that I would get better, but it would take a lot of hard work that was all I needed to hear. She told me it would take maybe 1 year to 18 months, after 7 months of monthly visits she released me back into the world alone to continue my hard work alone. I can cycle without any issues now, I am back to walking in the lakes and not everyone is over taking me, I haven't quite mastered running yet, but I have no doubt that Fiona was right and that in 12 to 18 months I will be back to 'normal'. 

I cannot recommend her highly enough,if you have fractured your tibia plateau her knowledge of the fracture and how best to get you returned to normal is second to none, it takes work but you will be in safe hands".

Louise Swinburne, Shotley Bridge

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Fiona for the work and advice on my knee (and my back too, of course, but it has been the knee causing issues for cycling).
I've managed quite a lot of rides recently without problems for the knee and today ended up doing an unscheduled century ride, the first since 2017 when my last one triggered the first knee injury that I first came to see Fiona about.  Through last year it seemed unthinkable to me that I would ever do another 100+ mile ride, given the problems with my knee and, even when it was OK, the worry it would recur.  But Fiona's diagnosis of the cause of this one and recommendation of regular foam roller work eventually paid off and has brought back a lot of confidence for my riding.  Today included the best part of 50 miles with a head wind so it was a serious test for the knee, but it held up fine".

Adam, Newcastle upon Tyne

"I just want to say a massive thank you for the bike fit and physio last week. I rode for two hours on Thursday, and had a hard five hour ride on Saturday, and on both rides I had no saddle discomfort, back ache, pain in my hands, or any other discomfort apart from the correct kind of pain that comes from your legs when working hard. 
For the first time ever I felt like I was sat squarely on the bike, my upper body relaxed, and with both legs working evenly, so what you've done is nothing short of revolutionary for me. The thoracic spine stretch and the leg out to the side exercises in particular seem to have really worked wonders, so I'll definitely incorporate them into a daily, or at least regular routine.
A sincere thanks once again John; I really appreciate what you've done".

Scott Ward, Harrogate

"Thanks so much to Fiona for the in depth run analysis and follow up help she gave me. She identified several weaknesses which were the cause of my pain and has helped me work on them systematically, giving me specific exercises and emailing demonstrations of how to perform them between hands on physio sessions. My improvement in only 2 months has been amazing and I've gone from worrying I may not be able to carry on running to looking forward to another half marathon and really enjoying running again. Thanks so much! I wish I had done the run analysis earlier!"

Anonymous, Jesmond

'Having had chronic knee pain for almost 2 years I've been to see a number of physios, both private and NHS, trying to get some real help in fixing my injury. I've never had any success with any of them and have usually been either misdiagnosed, given some ineffectual exercises to do or just 'told to rest and stretch a bit'. John and Phil are the first specialists I've seen who have been able to work out what's wrong with my knee and have helped me make real headway with my rehab and it's the first time in a couple of years I've felt like my injury is starting to subside. They offer an outstanding service and, as an athlete and fitness professional, I wouldn't go anywhere else!'

Matthew Pearce, Northumberland 

"A big thank you to Fiona who treated a couple of running related injuries this year. On both occasions she quickly identified the problems and effectively treated them so that I was back running in no time. Without her reassurance and excellent knowledge of runners' weaknesses and how to treat them, I would not have achieved my best 10k time for this year in the Matfen 10k today, coming 4th of 86 women!"

Jean Latham, Gateshead

"Would you please pass on my thanks to Vicky and Phil, without their help I wouldn't have made it to the start line or over the finishing line of the GNR yesterday. They sorted me out when my body was creaking under too much training and I really am very grateful. You've all provided a great service, the staff I've dealt with have been very friendly and knowledgeable, and luckily I've managed to get last minute appointments when it mattered. I would happily recommend you to anyone looking for a physio"

Katy Benbow, Newcastle upon Tyne

"I initially saw John towards the end of July regarding a knee injury I'd sustained. The physio work that John carried out was absolutely outstanding and the results were incredible added to this I also had a Bike Fit to try and alleviate some issues I had with my Cycling position, the Retul Bike Fit was extremely impressive and has given me a much more comfortable and relaxed Cycling position . John's expertise,knowledge,professionalism, advice and approach are tremendous.

John and the team at Physiohaus are welcoming, friendly and extremely accommodating and I would highly recommend them."

Stan Henderson, South Shields 

"With ongoing injuries from a young age I have flitted from physio to physio yet I have been with Physiohaüs for over 5 years. Every single member of staff is helpful, friendly and the physios which I see are incredibly talented. They listen to what I have to say and work alongside me and my training program, which is more than I have seen from other clinics. I recommend them to everyone, even my grandad who said 'that's the best physio I've ever seen!' And he's seen quite a few over the years!"

Ellie Dobson, Newcastle upon Tyne

"I saw Fiona for Physio on Friday due to a niggling injury prior to an event the coming Sunday. Thanks to her treatment I completed the Hadrian's Wall Half Marathon in 1:53, the race was over a mixture of terrain from bogs, trail and fields and whilst I had slight discomfort I finished 113th from a field of 400 plus and in the top half of my age group!"

Andy Smith, Newcastle upon Tyne

“I decided to get a bike fit from John at Physiohaus on the recommendation from my triathlon club Coalfields RT, I am reasonably competitive individual qualifying for Euro triathlon age group championship in Kitzbhuel 2014 and due to compete in Madrid 2015 for the European AG duathlon championship for GBR. My cycling was a strength to start with however after a recent bike fit I was astounded how far my bike fit was out! Whilst I am going through a period of change with a different ride position on the bike, power output has significantly increased also climbing ability increased tremendously in maintaining a seated position also speed. Overall I am delighted with my bike fit and just regret not getting fitted correctly earlier, it has been the best pound/output investment to date!”

Gavin Richardson, Newcastle upon Tyne

“Brilliant – took the time to talk everything through & explained what I can do to help myself, as well as great treatment from the team. A knowledgable understanding of my issues & how they impact on my sporting and daily activities.”

Lucy Herbert, Gosforth

“The Retul bike fit has given me a great and comfortable position that has in conjunction with physio work allowed me to correct some bio mechanical weakness that I was getting. Was very impressed with the bike fit, the approach and subsequent fitting really gave me confidence in John”

Brad Wood, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne

“John Dennis is simply a superb physiotherapist. I came to Newcastle on business with a really sore knee as a result of a squash injury. John went out of his way to fit me into his busy timetable and what followed was a tour de force. He quickly identified the problem and worked incredibly hard throughout the sessions on the knee. The results were amazing. He also gave really practical advice on how to manage the injury and exercises which would help the recovery process. I simply cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Sasha White, London