Sports Massage

Sports and Soft Tissue Massage uses a variety of classic massage strokes together with specific deep tissue techniques, working on the body’s soft tissues, trigger points, muscles, tendons and fascia. It helps to free adhesions, break down scar tissue and decrease inflammation.

Sports massage is the scientific manipulation and assessment of soft tissues and is used as part of an overall sporting regime in order to reduce the risk of injury, improve flexibility and encourage relaxation. It is often recommended after physiotherapy treatment in the rehabilitation of injuries.

Regardless of you being an elite athlete or a mother who suffers from back pain after lifting her child, sports massage can help.

As a result it can help to:

  • Restore range of motion to stiff joints
  • Improves muscle tone and balance reducing the physical stress placed on bones and joints
  • Improves posture and flexibility
  • Remove waste products such as acetic acid and carbon dioxide

Cost:  £48 for 60 minutes or £32 for 30 minutes. We would recommend an hour for your initial appointment to allow for a full assessment and understanding of your needs.

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