Here at Physiohaüs we pride ourselves on the expertise of our physiotherapy team, with their vast experience in assessing and treating a huge variety of conditions from back pain to tennis elbow and much more in between you will be in safe hands.

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when you are injured or have pain, whether through sport, occupational or otherwise. We treat people of all ages and can look at a huge variety of conditions offering you a full assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

The Next Steps: From ‘Online Only’ to ‘Online First’

We are now ready to begin face to face appointments again alongside our online services. This means that you now have the option of a face to face physiotherapy or bike fit appointment should an ‘online only’ approach not allow us to help resolve your issue.

We are fully committed to ensuring the safety of each and every one of our clients, their families and our staff whilst ensuring that we do not increase the burden on the NHS. Since lockdown we have not been seeing any face to face appointments in line with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Public Health England recommendations.

As restrictions are eased guidance has now changed to allow us to re-start face to face working where necessary. In response we have carried out a thorough risk assessment, established and implemented a comprehensive policy to maximise safety throughout our clinic and made additions to our usual high levels of hygiene standards to minimise risk.

We can now change our service offering from ‘online only’ to an ‘online first’ approach thus opening to way for face to face appointments again.

You will still be able to book an online appointment as normal on our website. These have proven very popular and will continue even once we return to a full open door policy.

If however you would like a face to face appointment then you can now call or email us, to arrange to speak to one of our team who will carry out a Covid Screening Questionnaire and direct you to the appointment type that will best suit your needs.

If you meet the criteria for a face to face appointment full instructions will be communicated with you so that you know what to expect and how we are operating in clinic to keep you and our staff safe.

Our approach, above our usual high levels of hygiene standards, will include:

No communal waiting area, clients will be advised to wait outside the clinic or in their vehicles until the physio is ready to welcome them and guide them through our safety procedures

Only our largest treatment rooms will be in use to maximise time spent during a face to face session adhering to 2m social distancing guidelines

Hand sanitising station on arrival

Full PPE provision for staff and patient on arrival including masks, aprons and gloves. If you have your own mask or face covering please bring it with you for your appointment

ALL surfaces sanitised between clients

Windows and doors open where possible whilst maintaining privacy and confidentiality

Adaptations to bike fit protocols to minimise contact and maximise time adhering to 2m social distancing guidelines. This is made easier in our large and open bike fit studio.

Payment link sent by email to reduce time in clinic and contact with shared equipment

Menu of Online Services

Online Assessment Appointment 45 mins £35

An initial appointment will take up to 45 mins and will include an interview and subjective assessment to understand more about the issue and how it is affecting you. You will then be guided through a physical assessment which will include certain tests and observations in order to determine the cause of the problem and a diagnosis if relevant. The clinician will then put together a plan of action to manage your problem. This may include advice on how to manage the symptoms you are experiencing effectively, optimise the healing process and rehabilitation exercises. A personal exercise plan will be sent to you by email following your session using the exercise prescription app Physitrack, including videos and descriptions of exactly what you need to do to get you back to full fitness as soon as possible. 

A follow up session will be arranged at a time to suit you to review your progress and tailor the treatment plan towards achieving the rehabilitation goals.


Online Review Appointment 30 mins £28

A follow up session will take up to 30 mins and include a review of your progress so far with your rehabilitation and any further assessment and testing required to tailor your treatment and get you back to full fitness as soon as possible. If changes are needed to your rehabilitation plan then these will be made and available to access using the Physitrack app.


Online Consultations FAQ’s

- What should I wear for my online physiotherapy appointment?

Please wear clothing that you would usually use to exercise in. If possible this should be lose fitting to allow for movement and please bear in mind that it may be necessary to reveal the area of the body that is affected in order for the physiotherapist to understand more about the problem during the initial assessment.

- How do I make payment for my online physiotherapy appointment?

At the moment we do not have the capacity to take payment during the booking process on our website as the clinic management software does not include this function yet. You will be contacted directly after making the booking by our clinic manager Tracy with details of how to pay using your card through iZettle.

- Where will the physiotherapist be during the online appointment?

Our team of experienced physiotherapists understand the importance of patient confidentiality and maintain exemplary professional standards governed by the Health & Care Professions Council and Chartered Society of Physiotherapists. They have all been advised to work from home and have undergone training for online consultation best practice. Where possible they will have a dedicated and private space set up in their homes to carry out the sessions.

- What device should I use for my online appointment?

You can use a wifi enabled and video capable laptop, tablet or smart phone or simply a telephone if you prefer. You will receive an email after booking with instructions including a link to join the online session at the time and date specified or you will be contacted by telephone. 

- What space will I need and where is best for me to be set up ready for my online appointment?

You will need a stable wifi or telephone connection and space to be able to move around. It is also important that where possible you can be away from others so that you and the physiotherapist can concentrate on your problem. It is important that the space is well lit so it is easy to observe and assess your issue. If using a phone or tablet it may be a good idea to have a stand or tripod so that you can set up the camera at a distance when required to demonstrate movements etc.


Common Conditions we treat include:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Foot Pain 
  • Tennis/Golfers Elbow
  • Sports Injury

Treatments we offer include:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Manual Therapy Manipulation
  • Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Postural Advice
  • Ergonomic Advice
  • Taping and Strapping
  • Acupuncture

In addition to the treatments above our physiotherapist will always provide an exercise plan to help you manage your condition and return to normal activities as quickly as possible. Book Online. 

Take a look at our advice video's to see if they can help you self-manage your injury, if not get in touch and we can help!