Advanced Performance Cycling Test

A 2 hour session including the Performance Cycling Test with the addition of lactate testing and body composition testing. For the cyclist aiming to maximise their performance potential and ensure they are getting the most from their training. 

The search for an individual’s performance potential begins with an in-depth understanding of the athlete’s current physical condition. What are their strengths and what are their weaknesses.

This test is a great way to establish your training zones to then take into your weekly training plan. The Lactate test can be done at any time but is best carried out during a rest week to ensure you are fresh and ready to go. It is recommended to repeat the test 3-4 times per year, as this will allow you to monitor and assess progress towards better performance. 

The Lactate test takes 2 hours and will involve a readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q), followed by some baseline measurements such as height, weight, resting blood pressure, heart rate and blood lactate values.

The lactate test itself takes less than one hour and will include a structured warm up, followed by the main session and a cool down.  The test itself is a ramp test, which will increase by 30w, from an initial starting point of 150-180w, every 3 minutes. Blood lactate will be taken via a pinprick to either the finger or ear lobe during the last 30 seconds (‘) of each 3-minute stage of the test.   Heart rate values will also be taken within the last 30’ of each stage.

Test termination criteria is as follows;

  • pedal cadence of 70, 80 or 90 rpm can no longer be maintained;
  • subject volitional fatigue;
  • a given work-load or power output can no longer be maintained;

We will then analyze the results, providing you with a detailed report. The report will include your performance during the test, your training zones and information on where to go next. 

Cost: £175 

Please wear/bring cycling kit, bike, HR strap, cycling computer and a change of clothes for post test.