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Sarah Hardy BA Hons, FHT, VTCT

Sports Massage Therapist

Sarah is a graduate of Northumbria, where she completed her degree in Applied Sports Science. Having a keen interest in the body, how it works and responds to the demands placed upon it, she began engaging in a more holistic approach to her practice. She went on to set up her own therapy and sports injury clinic, which has been running for the last ten years.

In her practice and personal life, Sarah is a big advocate of prevention and maintenance, rather than cure.

Sarah has provided treatment and rehabilitation for runners, cyclists and various other sportsmen and women over her ten-year career; however, she also deals with those who acquire everyday injuries, postural related and degenerative conditions. She is keen to point out that such provision is not just there for athletes and those involved in sport.

Sarah is a keen cyclist, doing regular club runs and has run at county level when younger.

She has taken several trips abroad to work with various conservation and wildlife rescue organisations; a subject of which she is very passionate about. Outside of her frenetic lifestyle, she can be found with a paintbrush in hand, behind an easel or with her head in a book.

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