Guru Bike Fit Pillars

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Join us for a comprehensive 3-day seminar on bike fitting fundamentals utilizing the GURU dynamic fit bike and ROR motion capture system, which can be used independently of the fit bike.  GURU Bike Fit Pillars is a comprehensive 3-day seminar on bike fitting fundamentals. 

Each Guru Academy course promotes an interactive learning environment with emphasis on hands-on fit demonstrations and active training to reinforce key concepts. GURU  Education also covers essential skills to drive revenue with bike fitting services –including the business of bike fit and how to select bikes for customers based on a ‘Fit First’ approach. All skills that are covered in this course can be applied to work with any fit bike or fitting equipment. No prerequisites are required for this course but an understanding of bicycle and/or human mechanics will be helpful.

Key Highlights:

  • GURU Academy Introduction –The Pillars of Bike Fit: key principles and fundamentals that drive GURU’s approach to fit
  • Blending the Art and Science of Bike Fit: How to combine objective and subjective analysis
  • Best Practices for Pre-Fit Assessment: Utilize athlete questionnaires to identify goals & objectives for a fit session and ensuring client satisfaction
  • GURU Dynamic Fitting Protocol: Learning proper fit flow from start to finish to use time and resources efficiently
  • Range of Right ™ Motion Capture System: Learn to measure and interpret biomechanical fit data to help make bike fitting decisions
  • Diagnosing Fit Issues: Key points of analysis to identify and correct common fit challenges
  • Essential Skills to Enhance Bike Fitting Services: Measuring and transferring bike fit coordinates, selecting contact points, how to properly select bikes for customers
  • The Business of Bike Fit: Effectively leverage your fit services to create a year-round revenue stream for your business and dealing with common fit related sales issues
  • Hands on Practice and Demonstration: Fitting other students and members of the public to hone your skills and apply what you’ve just learned


Mat Steinmetz

Mat Steinmetz has worked with some of the best endurance athletes in the world - including Team Sky, Trek, AG2R & many World Champion Triathletes. Steinmetz holds a masters degrees in exercise physiology & sports performance and was named one of the Top 10 Most Influential People in triathlon. Steinmetz has recently formed 51 SPEEDSHOP, a component manufacturing business focused on performance via a focus on rider contact points.  

Bike fit professionals are the bridge between manufacturers and consumers. 51 SPEEDSHOP are experts in the rider:bike interaction and each product is designed for the optimization of biomechanical alignment, support, and aerodynamics. 

John Dennis

John Dennis is a Chartered Physiotherapist based in Newcastle, United Kingdom. His background working with elite sports programmes including British Triathlon for several years led to being a member of Team GB at the Athens and Beijing Olympic Games.

For the last 10 years a focus on bike fitting and biomechanics led to work with numerous pro tour cycling teams and triathletes, as well as presenting and teaching bike fit classes around the world.

Since 2012, Dennis has established and run Physiohaus physiotherapy clinic and bike fit studio providing treatment, bike fitting and education.

What to Bring:

All students are encouraged to bring cycling clothes and shoes to participate in the practice fits.  We have Shimano, Look and Speedplay Zero pedals at the Academy, if you use another brand, please bring them along.

Lunch, Coffee, and Snacks are provided each day

Price is £751.32 and bookings are made direct with Guru via Eventbrite

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