Advanced Motion Capture Bike Fitting Course

Aimed at those who have already undergone basic bike fit certification who want to take their bike fitting skills to the next level. Includes the demonstration and practice of motion analysis and bike fitting technology in order to increase the understanding of the body and bike interaction and to help make more informed decisions to optimise bike set up, maximise performance potential and troubleshoot cycling related issues.

Advanced Motion Capture Bike Fitting Course

  • Identifying individual current bike fitting protocols and management techniques.
  • Look at the 'difficult rider' in terms of presenting movement patterns.
  • Be able to link possibly identified issued in the prefit assessment to the bike fit prescription.
  • Accomodating and offloading areas of pain and discomfort on the bike.
  • Include contact point selection in terms of saddles / foot pedal interface and handlebar/ tri bar.
  • Consider use of mechanical corrections e.g. leg length shims, cleat wedges etc
  • Detailed assessment of rider posture on both road and tt/tri positions


Dates for 2020 to be confirmed

Venue:  Physiohaus Clinic - Jesmond

37-39 St. George’s Terrace, Jesmond, NE2 2SX

Price: 2 days £500

For any queries, in the first instance please email: or call: