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Bike Fitting

Why Physiohaus?


We utilise world leading cycling analysis technology to accurately assess your position and cycling technique. We have a fully equipped and class leading bike fit studio where we are able to optimise your bike set up to maximise your comfort and performance.
Our bike fitters are regarded as some of the most experienced in the world and have worked with the worlds best professional cycling teams and triathletes. As physiotherapists we are able to understand your physical conditioning in more detail and make informed decisions about how to get the most out of your body.
If you are looking to buy a new bike, we use a highly adjustable bike fitting jig to help us determine your optimal position. This allows us to help you find the right bike for you to achieve your goals.

Our Approach


Standard Retul Motion Capture Bike Fit Session – £250

Every fit session is different and needs to be individualized to the riders goals. Regardless of the level of rider we apply the same assessment protocol and process of assessment. Each fit will start with an interview to establish details like goals- specific races or discipline e.g. triathlon, time trials, distance/sportives, health and fitness. Previous injuries both on and off the bike and any specific comfort issues will help give us information about what we may see when we do the on bike assessment. A detailed physical assessment is then performed prior to getting on the bike that gives us a baseline of mobility and stability in key cycling specific areas.

On the bike, we utilize Retul 3D motion capture technology to help us to quantify how the rider moves and interacts with the bike. We always measure both left and right sides. The human body not surprisingly is not symmetrical and this manifests itself when we ride. It may be a functional difference i.e. the body itself- often pelvic orientation, or it can be driven by a bad starting position on the bike e.g. saddle is excessively low or high or the saddle is uncomfortable causing the rider to sit off to one side. In some instances this can be picked up visually when it is very obvious but assessing just how much utilizing the Retul system simply provides a level of insight that you cant see. Likewise things change when we actually pedal under load. We all do things a little differently and ride different technically. Using your existing position ,which may be obviously wrong, is useful to establish a baseline and also work out why you might have had issues.

Adjustments are then made to the bike that may involve componentry changes e.g. saddle, bars, stem, TT extensions, wedges, arm cups etc. Each stage of the process is explained, reasoned through and reassessed for feedback and data analysis.

A bike fit is often a process depending on the start position v the end goal and in some cases may not be achieved in one fell swoop. At the end of the session, the finished position is scanned digitally to produce a comprehensive report that is emailed for your records.

Your bike fit position is completely individualized to you and your goals.


Advanced Bike Fit Session – £300

The advanced session includes all of the above but also gives us the chance to look closer at interaction with the saddle as part of the fit using Gebiomized pressure mapping. This additional tech gives us a dynamic pressure map of the saddle as you ride enabling deeper analysis of symmetry, specific saddle comfort issues and how pressure changes between different saddle shapes, widths and angles/tilt. This can definitely be a gamechanger if you are suffering from pain related to the saddle or feel like you have to push or hold yourself somewhere on the saddle in order to be comfortable.


Pre Purchase Fit/Sizing – £250

The same process as the standard fit but performed on the Muve Fit Bike. If you are unsure of your position and how it might relate to a different or new bike then this is for you. Don’t make an expensive mistake by getting potentially bad advice from a shop (does happen occasionally!) or guessing through an online purchase. We can look at specific geometries of a bike you are considering and establishing what is size appropriate or if a different bike altogether is a better fit. This is applicable to both road and tri/TT bikes where arm pad fit coordinates are key to your fit and with integrated front ends almost need to be established a the bike is built.

Please bring your bike, cycling kit and cycling shoes and ensure the bike is clean and in good working order.

For TT/Triathlon bikes please bring any frame /cockpit spares in case they are required for adjustments.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Bike Fits.

Please contact us for any further information.