Is a bike fit suitable for me?

Yes a fit can be an important step for both new cyclists and more experienced cyclists that have been riding for years. As a rule of thumb if you are at a level where you are clipping into pedals motion capture fitting is appropriate. Increasing comfort, efficiency, sustainability, performance, injury prevention and resolution are key reasons to look at getting a fit.

Do you assess cleat position?

Yes we look at all contact points including the foot – pedal interface. We occasionally recommend the use of footbeds, or possibly wedges and shims where appropriate.

What if we don’t have the right equipment to finish the fit?

We try to stock a key selection of saddles and bars/ front end components. If we need to source additional equipment we don’t have in stock a follow up appointment can be arranged without additional charge in most instances.

How long does a fit take?

Usually a standard fit will ast 2-2.5 hours.  A little longer for an advanced using the additional Gebiomized pressure mapping or if the fit is complicated.

Do you have an area to change?

Yes we have additional rooms to change into cycling kit.

What should I bring?

Unless you are booking a pre purchase fit on the Muve bike, bring your bike in a clean condition, cycling kit including shoes, preferably tight fitting eg bib / tri shorts as we need to put markers on your shoulder and hip. Sleeveless tops also work well.

I have previously had a fit from you- can you advise on a new bike?

Yes if you are looking to replicate the same position i.e. replacing a road bike with another a road bike. We can reference your previously recorded fit and make comparisons to different frames. What isn’t possible is to make direct comparisons between different bikes e.g. you have a road bike and want to buy a TT bike.

Do you do custom insoles?

Yes we have a variety of options that looks at foot stability and comfort that vary in price. This can start at a simple off the shelf solution, then a custom heat moulded option to a fully custom 3D printed Phits insole.