H2Pro Hydrate 250


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H2ProHydrate 250

Recommended as a background hydrator for all or for light training for low sweat sodium concentration athletes. Great as a travel aid to beat dehydration since the light electrolyte content will keep you hydrated better than water alone. If you have already had a sweat check assessment your hydration strategy will have made a recommendation that you can now follow using the right combination of H2ProHydrate products. All H2Pro Hydrate drinks contain very close to zero calories so are designed specifically to provide electrolyte and fluid replacement, not a source of carbohydrate energy. This is for complete flexibility when you are training and competing as it allows you to fine tune the need for additional electrolytes and fluids when it is hot for example, without adding unwanted calories to your intake as is the case with carbohydrate drinks.

Delivers 250mg of sodium per litre. 

Hydrates better than water alone.

1 pack makes 7.5 litres