Running Analysis

Run analysis is the study of human biomechanics associated with a running athlete, which is the science concerned with the internal and external forces acting upon the human body and the effects produced by these forces. There are primarily three components analysed which have an effect on skeletal, muscular and neurological tissue.

  • Kinematics  -  The study of movement from a geometrical point of view. This is the motion a physiotherapist can see and assess.
  • Kinetics -  The study of biomechanics concerned with what causes a body to move the way it does. What forces drive that motion.
  • Neuromuscular control – What neuromuscular control effects kinematics and kinetics?

Good running form to improve performance and efficiency has been a debate that’s evolved over time. However, many factors contribute to a good running form, and have often in previous years been over complicated. Most runners experience injury at some point, but by changing your run shoe to alleviate the injury is not looking at the overall bigger picture.

At Physiohaus we use video motion analysis to accurately determine any habitual running problems that may be a contributing factor to a your injury. Equally we can use video motion analysis if you would like to improve running form, enhance your performance within your chosen sport. 

Runscribe is an additional service we offer as part of Physiohaüs run gait analysis.

The Runscibe is a Nasa based technology now applied to running analysis. At Runscribe they collate all the user data so we can look deeper into the injury mechanisms of running like never before. With Physiohaus analysis we can offer the Runscribe system for a period so we can see your real time data when your out running your local routes. Then on return we can download that data which hs been recorded by two micro-chips and look deeper into your running mechanics with real time data.

This will offer additional measures such as Ground Reaction Time, Flight Time, Individual stride Length and Stride Rate in addition to ankle incursion and pronation velocity.

Click here to read Phil's case study of asymmetry & injury in a physiotherapy setting using Runscribe. 

Whatever your goals are, run analysis can aid in injury recovery and prevention, while improving performance and run form. 

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