Coaching philosophy

I coach individual athletes; this is part of my role with Physiohaus and fits very well into our Philosophy. We are able to utilize our experience and links into Elite and amateur sports which at times can be invaluable.

I’m fortunate to have worked with World leading professionals in fields such as sports medicine, strength and conditioning, Ultra Running and Triathlon. This allows me to access leading research and skills on anything from performance to injury prevention and management as well as utilize laboratory based physiological testing.

My specific approach to coaching is based on everything which I have learned and experienced. I endeavor to combine both a holistic approach and a research numbers based concept. Whatever you do, you cannot separate the mind-body connection. I believe in balance and not necessarily having a right or a wrong answer; sorry if I’m sitting on the fence but I look to take the best from every concept to get results and that’s based on the individual!

My approach is specific to the individual, your available time, social; family and work commitments. It’s also very much about learning; I want you to learn as a person. Not just about how to structure a training plan or what sessions you can or should do but about how your body adapts, what you as an athlete need in order to be better prepared on race day. Once you feel you have learned enough and can’t gain anymore from working with me; then my job is done.

I only work with a limited number of athletes; before I start working with someone I prefer to meet them 1:1 so that we are both happy and content with what we know of each other. Working with a coach needs to be a close relationship, an intricate team working process where information is shared back and forth and that connection has to be made. I need to know how sessions go, if sessions are completed and what additional stress might be at play. I will be contactable daily via phone or email and will adapt and advise as much as possible.

Sessions are sent out via email in 4 weekly blocks together with a periodised plan based on your goals. I want to know everything about you before we start so I will send out a questionnaire asking about past injuries, races, experience, your normal weekly schedule’s, how driven and competitive you are, what you have access to for training etc etc

If you’re happy and I’m happy; then we start!!

Phil Smith