Bike Fit Education Centre

Here at Physiohaüs we aim to offer the highest level of bike fit training and education available. After being heavily involved with the development of Retül University 3D motion capture technology from 2010 to 2016, we now offer courses appropriate for any level of fitter from novice to expert and can incorporate fit principles regardless of the technology you use. 

There are several motion capture systems available now, but fitting principles are the same and should be led by a skilled fitter utilizing their chosen tool. 

The instructors and fitters at Physiohaüs are some of the most experienced in the world. 

See below for upcoming courses and dates.

Advanced Motion Capture Bike Fitting Course

2019 dates to be confirmed 

Aimed at those who have undergone basic bike fit certification with the likes of Guru, Trek, Retül and Shimano to name just a few who want to take their bike fitting skills to the next level in their fit studios. 

  • Identifying individual current bike fitting protocols and management techniques.
  • Look at the 'difficult rider' in terms of presenting movement patterns.
  • Be able to link possibly identified issued in the prefit assessment to the bike fit prescription.
  • Accomodating and offloading areas of pain and discomfort on the bike.
  • Include contact point selection in terms of saddles / foot pedal interface and handlebar/ tri bar.
  • Consider use of mechanical corrections e.g. leg length shims, cleat wedges etc
  • Overall management of the 'rigid rider'
  • Detailed assessment of rider posture on both road and tt/tri positions

Venue: Physiohaus Clinic - Jesmond

37-39 St. George’s Terrace, Jesmond, NE2 2SX

2 days £500

 For any queries, in the first instance please email: or call us on 0191 2817703.